Weltweit grösstes Elektrofahrzeug

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World largest electric vehicle, www.eDumper.eu

Lithium Storage GmbH builds together with Kuhn Switzerland AG the world's largest, battery-operated dumper.
Planning started in March 2015 and realization of the first E-Dumper in February 2016. The completion of the E-Dumper is scheduled for December 2016. The specifications are as good as or better than the diesel version.

Chassis: Komatsu 605-7, 110t total weight.
Drive train: Synchronous electric motor, 590kW (800 HP) continuous power, up to 9‘500Nm torque
Battery: 600kWh Lithium-Ion

The vehicle is not only the world's largest electric vehicle, it also has the largest battery (600kWh) that has ever been installed in a vehicle. For comparison, a diesel vehicle consumed per year, depending on use, between 50,000 and 100,000 liters diesel during operation and generates 131-262 metric tons of CO2. The saving is a record, so much CO2 could never be saved in a single electric vehicle.

Another highlight of the E-dumper, it can be used as energy-plus vehicle. When operating at the same time it produces CO2-free electric power if the loading altitude is higher than the unload. The uphill ride is then 45 metric tons (unloaded), the downhill drive fully loaded 110 metric tons. In total, more energy is produced than needed for the uphill to the downhill drive. As a by-product CO2 free electric power is produced.

About Lithium Storage:
LiTHiUM Storage GmbH, centrally headquartered in Illnau Switzerland, is selling high-quality Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries to customers all across Europe since 2010. In extensive collaboration with battery manufactures and suppliers - mainly CALB and Sinopoly (China) - we make innovative customer solutions feasible, while progressively looking for technology improvements. We supply our customers with high capacity (up to 400Ah) LiFePO4 - batteries in a high temperature range
(-25°C to +55°C) and high reliability. Building up on the same rectangular shape lithium cells our customers rely on to fit all mobile and stationary applications. We also offer custom tailored Energy Storage systems from Chargers over Battery Management Systems up to Protection Class IP67 rated battery blocks. Our expertise covers years of combined general automotive industry experience, converting vehicles to all electric, as well as boat and Grid storage applications, mobile power solutions - from prototypes to readiness for marketing.

About Kuhn Switzerland AG:
KUHN Switzerland AG is part of the KUHN Group, with more than 1,300 employees in the fields of construction machinery, charging technology and machine tool industry. It has a leading role in 10 European countries. The main activity of KUHN Switzerland AG is trading of construction equipment with its core competencies in the customer-oriented advice and support in different customer segments. The various submarkets (earthmoving, material handling, material processing) is key business of KUHN Switzerland for the different customer profiles with a special team of experts. KUHN Switzerland AG and its partners are always front runners. In this effort to help technological change, the cooperation with Lithium Storage is an example of cooperation. Together, an innovative and revolutionary project of conversion of diesel is addressed to electric driven vehicle. It sets new standards of environmental and economic vehicle operation.

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